Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Digital TV is Coming. Are You Prepared?

digital television daily drossIn about 1 year, your existing analog TV tuner will be obsolete. The federally mandated switch to digital TV is scheduled for February 17, 2009.

Your existing TV will only continue to work if you connect it to some other video source like cable, satellite or you buy a new digital converter. Of course, you can also buy a new digital TV too.

Some help is on the way. Coupons for $40 to purchase the converter boxes will be sent to each home this winter.

More information on the digital TV is available from the government site, http://www.dtv.gov/

No More Lobbyists?

John Edwards has declared that no lobbyists will work in the White House if he is elected President. On his website, Edwards makes his case for why lobbyists will be banned.
"I want to make an announcement today," Edwards said at an event in Washington, Iowa. "No corporate lobbyists or anyone who has lobbied for a foreign government will work in my White House. We will not replace corporate Republicans with corporate Democrats. I hear people argue that the way that you can get things done is to sit at a table with drug companies, insurance companies, oil companies, and negotiate with them and somehow they will voluntarily give away their power. I think this is a complete fantasy.
So, rather than basing his staff appointments based upon skills and experience, he is arbitrarily defining that all lobbyists are "bad"? Seems like a really cop out to pander to an anti-corporate base.